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What does  'Shenandoah'  mean?

What does 'Shenandoah' mean?   Actually, it's an old indian word for
"Daughter of the Stars".  But also, it's the geographical description of a
region in Virginia.

Over the years many customers have asked us about the name
"Shenandoah." The founder of the business, K.B. Getz, chose the name
"Shenandoah" because the store was located in the heart of the Shenandoah
Valley in Virginia. A freelance photographer, K.B. started Shenandoah
Graphics in 1990 as a small kiosk store in the Valley Mall in Harrisonburg,
Virginia. It wasn't long before we outgrew that small kiosk and moved into a
permanent site in the Valley Mall.

In 1996, K.B. retired from retail to focus on his own artwork. A year later,
J.R. Getz and Carolina native Alec Combs moved the store to North Carolina.
We've been around for more than a decade now to serve your framing and artwork needs.

Shenandoah Graphics & Framing

Now located in Greenville, North Carolina (Between Raleigh and the coast);
Shenandoah Graphics and Framing is your one
stop shop for all your picture, print, artwork, and framing needs.
Stop by to visit Alec Combs and J.R. Getz at Shenandoah Graphics
and Framing today -- tell them you saw them on the world wide web.


Toll Free: 1-888-696-9685


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